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The Revolt
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Artist: Royal de Luxe

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Changing the way we think about street theatre, Royal de Luxe brings together gorgeous imagery, engineering talent and storytelling prowess to transform the idea of the mannequin into pure comic strip brilliance. This ingenious free event infiltrated the city over ten days, using popular shop windows for stages. Forty mannequins are fixed in place every day and changed every night so the stories can evolved on the streets of Wellington during the 2010 New Zealand International Arts Festival.

The personal adventures of the mannequins interweave love, fear, honour, pleasure, revenge, jealousy, violence and the discovery of life. Royal de Luxe has performed around the world, creating extraordinary rapport with passers-by. Residents have become captivated with the activities of these miraculous beings and begin to follow their every move. By the end of the performance, huge crowds gather daily.

Author/Artistic director: Jean Luc Courcoult Co-produced with the City of Nantes and the Charleville mézières International Institute of Puppetry. Images: Jordi Bover "Royal de Luxe is to street art what a glacier is to ice cubes." The Guardian

KOKO Production Management - NZ Festival 2010

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Entry Cost€2 + (suggested)
Age RestrictionsAdult themes 18 and over
Show Duration10-15 mins per show
NUMBER OF SHOWS PER DAY10 shows per session
Number of Touring Troupe9
Audience Size24 per show 240 per session